Sweet, Hot, & Spicy Premium Beef Jerky

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Sweet, Hot, & Spicy Premium Beef Jerky - 5.85oz - Original Recipe is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Our most popular jerky flavor is described by many as a harem of goodness that teases you with a delightfully sweet taste and a smokey aroma that brings you to the edge with every flavorful and unforgettable bite.

A homemade pineapple & teriyaki marinade mends well with a simple blend of spices; that are complemented by modest kicks from red pepper flakes; giving you a perfect blend of flavor and heat.

Due to popular request, we've amped up the heat by creating a
Firewatch Edition of Sweet Hot & Spicy.


The Original Recipe of Sweet Hot & Spicy is actually fairly mild in terms of heat, and we have received a fair amount of complements this trait. Consider it to be in The Goldilocks Zone... Not too Hot.... Not so mild... It's Just right. We've found that this flavor is enjoyable even by those who are not the biggest fans of spicy or hot food snacks.

As For Firewatch,  you can expect just about every bite to pack a significant punch. This option would be great for those who prefer more of an intense heat with their jerky. If it's too hot for you, let us know. We'd be more than happy to work things out to ensure you're 100% satisfied with your order. 

All of our beef jerky products are made with lean, 100% Angus beef roast that is hand selected, craftily prepared and tenderized before being placed into a marinade consisting of our signature homemade recipes and then slowed-dried to perfection.

Spice Level (Varies Based On Selection)
Low | Mild | Mild/Hot (Original Recipe) | Hot | Extra Hot (Firewatch Edition)

Tenderness Level
Very Tender | Tender | Slightly Tender | Tough | Very Tough


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