Teriyaki Premium Beef Jerky

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Teriyaki Premium Beef Jerky - 5.85oz is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Long ago, there were tales of a beef jerky that's flavor could drive men mad in their craving for it. Those who had been blessed to have its seemingly godsend taste graced upon their tongue have described it as... "sweet, sticky sex". Craftily prepared beef as tender as the thighs of a young goddess.... mmh..... it's sweet taste caressed gently by the tanginess of a teriyaki marinade..... 

However, tragedy would strike.....

The Pandemic; would bring an abrupt end to this blessing.... A key ingredient for its recipe, lost..... cast into the darkness. Men would begin to fein as withdrawal set in..... Our expert craftsmen had tried desperately to recreate what was lost... and for many winters; they had failed...

But, now... fate would bring light to what seemed to be an unending darkness. The key ingredient for this heavenly jerky has been found yet again! Teriyaki Beef Jerky is BACK... Praise the heavens.


All of our beef jerky products are made with lean, 100% Angus beef roast that is hand selected, craftily prepared and tenderized before being placed into a marinade consisting of our signature homemade recipes and then slowed-dried to perfection.


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