Firewatch Beef Premium Beef Jerky

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In October of 2021, we took at trip down to New Mexico. Our mission: To source the most authentic peppers and spices for a new beef jerky recipe; of which we were tasked in creating by demand of our most loyal customers who were longing for a extremely hot beef jerky.   

Allow us to introduce you to our most intense flavor, Firewatch. 

"Let he who travels beyond the deepest and the darkest caverns of Hell find this beef jerky; which is of flavor that shall kiss upon his lips and tongue with flames born of The Eternal Lake of Fire. Be warned- lest he who consumes this jerky without nearby hydration shall perish in flame; for one can not be doused by his own sweat and tears" -Book of Shesh 34:73


All of our beef jerky products are made with lean, 100% Angus beef roast that is hand selected, craftily prepared and tenderized before being placed into a marinade consisting of our signature homemade recipes and then slowed-dried to perfection.

Spice Level
Low | Mild | Medium/Hot | Hot | Extra Hot

Tenderness Level
Very Tender | Tender | Slightly Tender | Tough | Very Tough


Beef, Soy Sauce, Worcestershire Sauce, Hot Sauce, Blended Spices and Pepper, Cracked Black Pepper, Lime Juice. CONTAINS: SOY, WHEAT

Nutritional Information To Be Determined

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